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Survival Kit

How to Use Your S.A.P. Safety Package Efficiently

Should you find yourself stuck in a blizzard on the road or caught in any other situation where no human help is immediately available, having a survival kit with you could save your life, provided you know how to use it properly! Manufactured and distributed by Survival Appliance Products in Winnipeg since 1978, our safety packages are designed according to Transport Canada norms.

They are reliable, easy to use and include all the most needed elements in survival emergency situations:

  • A source of heat

  • A carbon monoxide detector

  • Concentrated food

  • A source of light

  • A first aid kit

Survival Kit

Survival Kit Usage Guidelines

To complete the instructions included in each package, here are a few tips:

When using the space blanket, strip down to shorts and t-shirt
Mount the carbon monoxide detector on dash of vehicle
Use the top half of the stainless steel container as a mirror signaling device
Use food portions as a last resort
Food bars can be eaten as-is or made into porridge
Fuel tablets for the stove can be broken in half to last longer
Use the bottom half of the stainless steel container as a cooking pot
Use pot holder on container when using the stove
The stainless steel container can also be used as a digging tool

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